GSA Vendor for Rockville, Maryland

Assabet Mack Service, located in Shirley, MAGSA logo, is a GSA Vendor offering a complete suite of repair and maintenance services to help keep your fleet rolling.

In operation since 1977, our experience with heavy-duty truck repair encompasses a hands-on knowledge base that is complemented by today’s advances in technology. Specializing in fleet maintenance, we’re proud to say we’ve had some of the same customers for more than 40 years. But as your GSA Vendor for Rockville, Maryland, you can rest assured that when you come to us for service, we have undergone thorough vetting, ensuring favorable pricing, terms, and conditions.

As a General Services Administration (GSA) Vendor, what services will you get when working with us?

  • Streamlined procurement process.
  • Enhanced credibility and trust.
  • A competitive advantage.

GSA vendorAs a Rockville, Maryland GSA Vendor, we offer our products and services directly to federal agencies. One of the benefits you get with us is our streamlined procurement process. As a federal entity, you don’t have to go through repetitive negotiations. When you come to Assabet Mack Services, there are no negotiations necessary for individual agencies. We provide a streamlined path to delivering solutions for our federal clients.

Government agencies and other potential clients recognize the credibility associated with being a GSA Vendor. We’ve found that when combined with our premier services, this prestigious status gives us a decided edge over our competitors. It gives us additional trust which extends to our other business contracts beyond the federal realm, enabling us to grow our business further.

As a GSA Vendor in Rockville, Maryland, we gain a competitive advantage within our contracting landscape because federal agencies prefer working with GSA-approved vendors due to the convenience and reliability it provides. However, our government approval is not just a valuable asset to state and local agencies, it extends our ability to deliver exemplary services to all our clients.

When you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy company to provide heavy hauling, truck repair, logistics, snow removal, and fleet service, you can’t do any better than using a certified GSA Vendor like Assabet Mack Services. Contact us on our website or give us a call today.