Commerical Snow Removal

New England winters can be harsh and as the strength and frequency of winter storms increases, the risk of state and municipal roads becoming impassable makes timely and effective snow removal critical.

About this Process

Assabet Industries provides reliable, professional snow removal services to state and municipal authorities. As a registered MassDOT snow removal contractor, we are ready 24/7 to put plows and sanders on the road immediately to ensure safe travel.

Our fleet is equipped with front plows, wing plows, and sanders to quickly and efficiently clear roads and treat surfaces to provide open travel lanes and good traction for all vehicles.

Our snow removal services are supported by:

  • Real-time forecast monitoring to ensure timely and well-prepared response to winter storms
  • Up-to-date vehicle maintenance to keep our fleet road-ready
  • Professional drivers with years of winter-driving experience
  • A range of snow removal equipment to appropriately meet client needs

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