Truck Repair for San Antonio, Texas

truck repair for San Antonio, TexasReliable, professional truck repair is a key component for the success of any carrier. Downtime and trucks off the road means lost business, money, and even customers. Assabet Mack Service, located in Shirley MA, is our repair and maintenance division offering a complete suite of specialties to help keep your fleet rolling.

We’ve been in business since 1977 handling truck repair, San Antonio, Texas. Our experience with heavy duty truck repair encompasses hands-on knowledge, complimented by today’s advances in technology.
Our San Antonio, Texas truck repair specialty, is fleet maintenance, and we are proud to say we’ve had some of the same customers for well over forty years. We’re even a GSA approved vendor, and proud to help maintain local military and government equipment. We repair a wide range of heavy-duty equipment and provide maintenance services, including:

  • Specialty bodies, attachments and trailers
  • Forklifts
  • Smaller fleet vehicles and pick-ups
  • Complete Tire Service
  • DOT Inspections
  • Massachusetts Commercial Vehicle Inspections
  • Massachusetts Inspection Pass for Cars to Class 8 Trucks
  • Calibration Inspection Spreaders

If you happen to be like many fleet trucking companies, you are way too busy to spend valuable time worrying about how to keep your vehicles on the road. This is the main reason we provide our fleet customers with a monthly list of required maintenance tasks for peace of mind and to ensure compliance with DOT regulations. We even have Massachusetts Commercial Vehicle Inspection Stations right there at our two locations in Shirley and Maynard, MA. We make it easy for our customers to ensure their vehicles completely comply with Federal FMCSA, and State DOT regulations. We make fleet maintenance simple when you rely on our truck repair for San Antonio, Texas.

Our experienced service team, which not only includes the mechanics but also our management team, has hands-on experience repairing and rebuilding virtually every major make and model of domestic and foreign commercial vehicles. Truck repair is what we live and breathe. It’s rare for a truck to come into our shop that someone here hasn’t worked on at some point in their career.

Our regular preventative maintenance program will continuously monitor your vehicles and stop any problems before they even begin. Get in touch with us to schedule your service right away.